Waste Management

binThere is a rubbish chute located at the east end of the building on each level. The chute leads to a compactor unit located on the ground floor with entrances from the 140 Little Collins foyer and Coromandel Place. There are larger bins located on level A (2)  – the car parking levels. On this level there is provision for general rubbish (green bin) and recyclable items (yellow
topped bin) and paper and cardboard (large blue bin). These bins are
emptied each morning.

Only put small leak proof bags of general rubbish down the chute to avoid blockages. Do not put glass down the chute for safety reasons unless the glass is wrapped in newspaper or cardboard.

A small recycling bin is also available in the rubbish chute room to take small amounts of recyclable material saving build-up in apartments. However, residents are urged to keep the rubbish room tidy. If the small bin is full (it is cleared once per day) please use the larger recycling bins that are located on levels A (2) or try the chute room on the level above or below.

In the event that there is a build up in the car park bins, residents can deposit rubbish directly in the bin room which can be accessed via the 140 Little Collins foyer. The Owners Corporation urges residents and guests to be
mindful of other building occupants and dispose of rubbish in a tidy and
thoughtful manner.

Removalists should be encouraged to return to collect empty boxes.
The apartment recycling facilities are not designed to be able to dispose of the amount of cardboard associated with a move-in.

Please ensure your rubbish is in thick sealed plastic bags to prevent leakage through the common areas on your way down to the garbage area. Do not leave rubbish anywhere in the building other than in the bins provided.

It you are concerned about rubbish build up at any location, please inform the Building Manager promptly so that the problem can be addressed.

It is common sense that one should not place newspapers, umbrellas, bedding, glass bottles, cigarettes, cartons, coat hangers, brooms, mops,
large plastic wrappings from furniture, white goods, any sharp objects etc. down the chute.

From time to time, the Building Manager arranges for a hard rubbish collection by the Melbourne City Council. On these occasions the large items for throw-away are taken from Coromandel Place.

A charity clothing and other item recycling bin is located on Level 1 – Car Park just outside the Building Manager’s Office.