Smoking – Pets

Hero Apartments is a non-smoking building in the common areas. Smoking is not permitted in the common areas of the building at any time.

‘Smoke’ in the building may result in the fire alarm and/or sprinklers being activated and the attendance of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. A false alarm such as this will incur a fee of approximately $3,500 which is payable by the offending owner, resident or Quest guest. It is therefore in your interest to ensure you and your friends adhere strictly to this rule.

There are quite a number of pets currently residing in the building. It is common sense that owners of pet have the responsibility to ensure that their pets are good community citizens and do not not urinate or defecate in common areas. For the benefit of other persons in the building, all residents must ensure that any pet belonging to them be restrained or on a leash in common areas.

Owners or residents must not keep any animal upon the common property after being given notice by the Owners Corporation to remove such animal once the Management Committee has resolved that the animal is causing a nuisance.