Signs and Blinds

signThere are several rules concerning the erection of signs or notices on common property and the installation of awnings and window treatments in apartments. The rules are designed to maintain a consistent appearance of the building as envisaged by the architect and as per the approved Owners Corporation building plan.

Owners or tenants are not permitted to:

  • Erect any signs or fix any notices on the building common property where they can be seen from any exterior position;
  • Install any external awnings
  • Install window coverings or curtains, blinds or other window furnishings on the interior of any windows;
  • Erect any for sale or lease boards on common property;

other than those permitted by the Owners Corporation.

Permitted window treatments are as follows:

Living Room
Sunscreen roller blinds with manual or motorised operation

Sunscreen roller blinds with manual or motorised operation or
Venetian Blinds – with choice of architect specified colours, metallic, painted or timber

The building manager has a sample board of the approved colours for window treatments. Contact Daniel on 0417 124 519.