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Security is an important issue for residential buildings in the city. Like most apartment complexes, the Hero Apartments have three levels of security.

These are:

  1. Card key/swipe access only through the two main entrances and remote control to open the car park gate;
  2. Lifts are operated using the card key/swipe or access is granted from an apartment’s intercom system after a guest has called from the front door on Russell Street; and
  3. Individual apartments are all fitted with dead locks.

Once in the building, access to different levels is also controlled with the card key/swipe system.

Operation of the Card Key
To activate access via the card key/swipe, the user needs to pass the key in front of the card reader at the door entrance or in the lift. The Garage Gate is opened by pressing the left hand button on the remote.

Issue of Card Keys and Garage Remotes
The card keys or garage remotes are issued to authorised persons by the Building Manager. Apartment owners or their agents are the only persons who are able to authorise car key issue.

Please download the form from this page. The cost is $80 for a Card Key/Swipe and $110 for a Garage Remote.
Send the form to the Building Manager. Payment is made to the Owners Corporation Manager.

Owners are urged to exercise caution and responsibility in making card keys/swipes and garage remotes available to tenants and/or guests
in the building.

It is recommended that there is an appropriate stipulation in any tenancy lease or licence to ensure that when the lease or licence expires that the security keys are returned either to the owner or for the custody of the
Building Manager.

Owners or tenants must notify the Building Manager if any card key/swipe or garage remote is lost or stolen so that the security of the building is maintained. In this instance the Building Manager can cancel the relevant key code in the security system.