Resident Reminders


The OC Committee and I have been noticing a lack of care for the building in some areas.

Here are some friendly tips for general good housekeeping and a reminder that we live in close proximity with our neighbours.  I am sure that we all believe that it is important to maintain the renowned Hero community spirit.

  • The Charity Bin area located on level 1 is NOT a drop off point for hard rubbish. In the past few months this area has been left in an unsatisfactory state. At a Committee meeting held on Tuesday night it was decided, any resident leaving rubbish around this area will have to pay to have it cleaned. Remember a security camera is located above the area. Please also remember the charity only requires items of value.  I have been advised that the charity organisation has had to dump almost half of what they have been collecting.  If you need to organise a hard waste collection, please do so through me.   The building is entitled to one hard collection per year per apartment.
  • Residents bringing guests into the building are to make sure their guest or guests behave in a responsible manner. Remembering we do share common areas between almost 160 apartments and nearly 400 residents.
  • Recycling bins are located in the Bin Chute Rooms on every floor. Please be reminded that these bins are NOT for large recyclable items. They are for newspapers, bottles, milk cartons, egg cartons, and the like. If you have large recyclable items they are to be placed in the two 600L and the two 240L bins located on levels 1 and 1A.
  • A reminder as well that I do not have a master key to any apartments. If you lock yourself out you will have to organise a locksmith. There are two locksmiths who are familiar with Hero Apartments.  Their contact details are:

J Night & Co – 31 Hardware Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000 –  (03) 9670 5168

Advance Locksmiths – (03) 9560 8155 , 0401 357 607

  • Please contact me if you have any queries regarding the above. The Hero website also displays additional building information.  You can subscribe to receive email notification of building updates by clicking on the link adjacent to this news item.

Daniel Hanily

Hero Apartments Facilities Manager

M: 0417 124 519  D: (03) 9663 0020




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