Postal Services

mailAustralia post deliver normal postal items to mail boxes located in the Main Foyer and in the Quest Apartments Foyer. Mail box access is via a key that is part of each apartment’s key system. There are two mail box keys per apartment. It is the resident’s responsibility to maintain the security they require for their mail boxes.

The local Post Office in Melbourne run an electronic parcel pick up system that runs 24/7. Information can be found at the Australia Post web site.

Essentially you register with Australia Post. They give you a parcel locker address that looks like this:

Joe Resident
Parcel Locker CN 10011 12345
Shop W11 111 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

You use this address as your “delivery address” when you order online or from a store or other. When the parcel arrives, Australia Post will send you an SMS telling you that your parcel is awaiting collection.

You go to the Post Office at any time of day or night and enter your Parcel Locker number first and then the special parcel code that is in your SMS. The big red button comes up on the screen saying “open locker”. You press it and magically one of the lockers opens (like sesame) and you retrieve your parcel. This is a new service from Australia Post and it is marvellous!!!”