Owner Corp Manager

HER_HeroApartments-Icons-29Currently, the Hero Apartment’s Owner’s Corporation (OC) Manager is Fawkner May. The services supplied by our OC Manager (Rick Deering) are to:

  • Act as Secretary for the Owners Corporation;
  • Convene and organise the Annual General Meeting;
  • Convene and organise Committee Meetings including year to date financial reports and budget updates;
  • Record and distribute Minutes of Meetings;
  • Keep and maintain Owners Corporation records;
  • Issue owners corporation fee/levy notices and collect payments;
  • Pay all accounts relating to Owners Corporation matters under instructions from the OC Committee;
  • Prepare annual financial reports and budgets;
  • Respond to general enquiries from apartment owners;
  • Refer all Owners Corporation matters to the Committee at all times and implement the Committee’s instructions;
  • Assist in general advice in respect to relevant legislation;
  • Attend to correspondence and replies in accordance with Owners Corporation wishes;
  • Organise renewal of owners corporation insurances;
  • Lodge all insurance claims and follow up progress as required;
  • Liaise with the resident building manager as required; and
  • Arrange for minor (less than $1,000) repairs & maintenance.