OC Committee Meeting 22nd April

The new committee comprising eight persons met on Monday night.

Apart from the usual full agenda concerning building maintenance and financial reporting, items that may be of interest to residents are:
  • The front steps of the building are to be polished and non slip strips applied;
  • Improvements to the recycling system have been implemented and new signs erected;
  • Signs to explain the fire evacuation procedures will shortly be posted on every floor;
  • Work is proceeding on the building energy audit with a view to cutting electricity costs;
  • Investigations are underway to verify the latest charges for water, gas and electricity;
  • The web site design aspects are to be refined with a view to further development of the Hero brand and image; and
  • New ideas have been suggested for investigation to improve the ease of opening the front door.

Residents will be invited to respond to a survey regarding our new foyer and the renovation process.

This web site provides a forum for discussion amongst residents and with the committee. Feedback can be found under the Community section of this web

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