Muncher installed to protect our sewerage pumps

Hi there residents of Hero Apartments!

Several times over recent years the sewerage in the basement of our building has overflowed.  Not a pleasant event as some will remember.  Unfortunately restaurants, guests and even residents put things into our waste water system that they should not.

However, your committee came up with a solution.  We have installed an industrial grade muncher that filters all sewerage by grinding everything into small pieces as small as your little finger nail.  No more clogged pumps.  (We have two – one working and one spare.)

Pumps all ok. New panels and alert system.

Pumps all ok. New panels and alert system.

Here are the photos of our new muncher being installed and after installation.  You do not want to know about the odour coming from the pit!

IMG_3772 MuncherA

Installation taking place.

IMG_3773 MuncherB

Muncher installed. New and Blue.


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