As you all know the security upgrade is currently being installed, it is EXTEMELY IMPORTANT you have your forms into me by the end of this week (the return due date was the 1st of this month) otherwise you will be locked out of the building on change over which is expected to take place 2nd week of next month. Forms can be placed in OC mailbox.

If you lease your apartment and are worried about being locked out I suggest you contact your agent and find out if your owner has filled out the form and returned it.



Our worms are getting plenty of food, which is great however they do need more carbon. So if you already contribute to the worms please add more paper or cardboard.

If you would like to get involved please contact me and I’ll give you the details on what you need to do.



The standard of rubbish being dumped around the building has tripled since Christmas!

>Recycling CANNOT be put in the recycling bin in a plastic bag! Signs in bin-rooms!
>If your rubbish doesn’t fit down the bin chute take it to the bin room via the Hotel
entrance, don’t just dump it on the floor! It is not our responsibility to clean up your mess!

> Hard rubbish once again is collected every 4th Thursday of the month from
Coromandal Place. This means it remains in your apartment until the collection date,
not dumped in the stairs, bin-room on your floor, corridor or car park for us to


Dan Hanily, Building Manager.

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