Hero’s Solar System Update

To all Hero Apartments Residents.

As residents of Hero you would have seen the notices outside the lift entrances.  The notice explains the details of the solar system shortly to be installed. The purpose of this post is to let you know about the installation and monitoring arrangements.

If you are a non-resident owner, you will have received a letter about the solar system several weeks ago.


The installation of the solar array will commence on Tuesday 17th November and is scheduled to be completed on Friday, 27th November. There will be minimum disruption to residents. However, during this time one lift will be reserved to transport the solar modules to the roof, which means that you may have to wait a little longer than normal for a lift.

On the final day of installation all mechanical services will be shut down for around one hour while connection is made to our power supply (the electricity grid). This will only affect the supply to common property and 01 apartments along with retail shops and restaurants. The exact timing will be posted closer to the event on this web site and in the lift notice boards.

System Monitoring

You may be wondering how we will know the value of the solar energy utilised each day or at any time of the day.  Envirogroup who have been contracted to install our system will provide and online visual representation of what is happening – live 24/7.

The diagram below shows the type of monitoring that will be installed. I am sure that some residents will be most interested to check up on the system from time to time.

Typical Monitoring System similar to that being installed for Hero ApartmentsIf you have any queries or concerns, please contact Dan Hanily, Hero Resident Manager on o417 124 519.

Sue Saunders – Secretary – Hero Owners Corporation


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