Current and Past Projects

managementThe Owner’s Corporation (OC) has embarked on a number of projects in recent years to enhance the functionality and amenity of the building.

The most recent project has been to update our foyer as per the adjacent photographs. The update was a collaboration between artist Fiona Abicare and Jan van Schaik of MVS architects website.

The OC is conscious of the need for the building to minimise its energy consumption and in this regard completed a project in 2010 to install state-of-the-art LED lights in all passage ways. Our energy costs significantly reduced as a result of this initiative.

Circa 2009 the OC installed bike racks in the car park, bikes that were abandoned were removed. This initiative freed up space in the car park and made it easier to clean.

In 2012 the OC sought assistance from the City of Melbourne (MCC) to ensure that recycling is as efficient as possible. The MCC has suggested initiatives for the building to be implemented over the next month or so.