With all the discussion around building cladding following the London Grenfell Tower fire & the Melbourne Docklands Lacrosse building fire, I thought it best that we were proactive and figure out exactly what cladding we have on our building.
I can report that we don’t have any of the cladding that is causing these types of fires.
What we do have is;
– Cor-Ten with 50mm silicon joints. Cor-Ten cladding is a cold-rolled weather-resistant steel that protects itself. With anticorrosive properties that slow down corrosion, the range includes grades that are in many applications better than those of other structural steels. This product is produced under license from the United States Steel Corporation.
  – Corrugated Profiled metal cladding. This is the silver cladding we can see when looking up at the building, its in-between the rust cladding (Cor-Ten) and brickwork. 
  – James Hardie Fibre Cement Cladding painted orange and can be seen on the north side of the building when looking up, mainly on apartment balconies.
In all this is a good outcome for the building should the new taskforce headed by former premier Ted Baillieu and Deputy Minister for Planning John Thwaites come knocking. 

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