Change of Owners Corporation Manager

Please note that as of 1st March 2014 your OC Committee has appointed a new Administration Manager.  Contact details are:

Gough Partners Pty Ltd

Owners Corporation Services

Level 1, 261 High Street

Ashburton  VIC  3147

T: 1300 046 844   M: 0418 362 023  W:

As is normal with a change of management, there will be a transition period where some administrative matters may be delayed or may appear not to be functioning.  We therefore ask that you be a little patient over the next few weeks as SSKB implement the hand over.

With regard to  your OC Fees it is understood that SSKB ceased processing payments as of a day or two ago instead of waiting until their last day on 28th February.  The OC Committee therefore has granted a three week grace period to owners.  There will be no interest charged or administration fees during this period.  Gough Partners have advised that owners whose payments were not processed or who were simply outstanding will be issued with new invoices within a few days.

Similarly, arrangements with regard to the AGM on Wednesday 12th of March will now be handled by Gough Partners. Papers issued by SSKB recently will be used for the meeting.  More information with regard to application for committee positions and any other relevant matters will be posted on this site shortly.




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