Building Works

coneOwners must not undertake any building works within or about or relating to an apartment except in accordance with the following requirements:

  1. Such building works may only be undertaken after all requisite permits, approvals and consent under all relevant laws have been obtained and copies given to the Owners Corporation Manager, and then strictly in accordance with those pennits, approvals and consents and any conditions thereof;
  2. The owner must at all times ensure that such works are undertaken in a reasonable manner so as to minimise any nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to other residents; and
  3. The Owners Corporation committee is advised in advance of the planned works and kept informed of progress during construction.

The Owners Corporation committee have the right to inspect works at completion with respect to the impact on common property.

Tradespersons / Visitors

The Building Manager can arrange car parking for tradespersons and/or visitors during the day for short periods of times. Examples are window cleaners, electricians, locksmiths, appliance repair and the like who need to work in an apartment. In these circumstances the Building Manager needs to have access to the tradesperson or visitors’ mobile phone so that they can move their vehicle if required.

Sound Proofing Requirements for Wooden Floor Boards or other hard Surface Flooring Systems

The Owners Corporation rules require that acoustic underlay be included in any installation of floor boards or flooring other than carpet. A minimum of 3mm thick underlay is required. There are several brands that provide adequate noise suppression and protect from any dampness that may occur in the underlying concrete. Bridgestone and Damtec are two manufacturers that supply suitable underlay. It is important that residents check with the Building Manager before accepting a quotation for the proposed flooring renovation.
The Building Manager keeps a current list of approved underlay manufacturers but will take any new product to the Owners Corporation for approval if necessary.