Building Rules Reminder

Dear Residents

This is a friendly reminder regarding some of our building rules which are not being adhered to.

Bikes;      Bicycles must be stored in the areas of the common property designated by the Owners Corporation for such purpose and fitted with bicycle racks. In the case of Hero Apartments the bicycle racks are located on Level A. Bicycles are permitted to be stored in an owners own car parking space provided there is no space infringement to other owner’s or resident’s designated car parking space. Bicycles are not permitted to be taken into the foyers, stairwells, balconies, walkways or the lifts or stored in an apartment.

Smoking;   Hero Apartments is a non-smoking building in the common areas. Smoking is not permitted in the common areas of the building at any time. Smoke in the building may result in the fire alarm and/or sprinklers being activated resulting in the attendance of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. A false alarm such as this will incur a fee of approximately $3,500 which is payable by the offending owner, resident or 140 Little Collins guest. It is therefore in your interest to ensure you and your friends adhere strictly to this rule.

Moving in and out;     To ensure the move in/move out process is organised with minimal disruption to other residents and that the common areas are protected against damage, each move in and out of the building must be booked with the Building Manager. A padded lift may be assigned for your use for a specific time period if necessary. Moving In and Out times are Monday to Friday 9 am to 5pm.  No Move In/Outs on Saturday, Sunday or public holidays. Each resident is requested to provide a $500 surety to the Manager prior to the move. The surety is necessary to provide protection against possible damage to common property. All costs to repair any damage resulting from the move will be deducted from this sum. On the completion of each successful move the surety will be returned. It is vitally important that prior to the move, contact is made with the Building Manager to familiarise yourself with the process. You are then expected to advise your removalist accordingly.

Daniel Hanily

Hero Apartments Facilities Manager.

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