Building Air Conditioning

After so many really hot days residents are wondering why the corridors are so hot.  Unfortunately we do not have air conditioning.  Only heating.

However, the OC Committee has commissioned an energy expert to review the heating and ventilation of the building for comfort and energy efficiency.  You will be pleased to note that whilst we were experiencing the unusually hot weather our monitoring instruments were taking measurements of the temperature in corridors and other parts of the building.

The circulation fan has been set to work harder at night to bring in the cooler air to the building.  In the case of the past few days though, the night air temperature was still high.  Hopefully the building will cool down soon.

Out studies are leaning towards better and more intelligent control of the ventilation system in future.  However, the really extreme heat is hard to beat without air conditioning.

I hope you find this information useful.

Sue Saunders – OC Committee Vice Chair

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