About the Owners Corp

managementUnder strata title legislation owners of apartments/units/flats are automatically members of one or more Owners Corporations as set out in the plan of subdivision registered at Land Victoria. All Owners Corporations have statutory duties and powers as set out in the Owners Corporations Act 2006. Information about the management of subdivided buildings and common property is available from the following web site.

In the Hero Apartments there are two Owners Corporations known as OC No.1 Plan No. 428294T and OC No. 2 Plan No. 428294T. OC No. 1 covers the entire building, dealing with insurance and all of the mechanical services including fire services. As the building has mixed use retail and residential, OC No. 2 is just for the residential apartments. Shop owners do not pay for the residential lifts or the cleaning of residential common property.

Each year at an annual general meeting of the two OCs the owners elect a Committee of Management that must have at least three and not more than
12 members. The Committee in turn engages various professions and awards contracts to firms who carry out the care and maintenance of the building and common property.

Currently, the Building Manager is Fawkner May. The resident building manager’s services are supplied by Facilities Management Victoria (FMV).

Owners Corporation: Fawkner May
Phone: 1300 798 299

Building Management
Facility Management: FMV
Phone: 9690 1355
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